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The Layer is helping mobile, fixed-line & hosted resellers gain more leads, convert more sales and retain more customers.

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Reach more customers & win more sales


The Layer takes advantage of everything that is unique about the mobile, fixed-line & IT sector and enables you to grow your business by improving control and delighting customers.

Presales Layer

Simplify lead management, streamline processes and record all sales interactions.

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Sales Layer

Manage quotations and sales and stay on top of staff pipelines, maximising profitability.

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Marketing Layer

Create highly targeted campaigns maximum reach and conversion.

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Ordering Layer

Ensure that all products and services are connected and dispatched efficiently

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Service Layer

Manage cases, complaints and load up a searchable knowledgebase for your staff.

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Business Layer

Backed up with the #1 reporting widget suite, targeted at the mobile & fixed line industry.

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Manage business performance without ever requesting a single report...


Our lead management module provides everything you need to ensure that your lead generation team can collate industry specific information and contact customers at the right time when their contracts are expiring. Capturing all of the relevant info and organising it in such a way that gaining opportunities is straight forward and ensuring that no opportunities are missed.


Knowing how many leads you have and which customers you are selling to, in addition to the probability and value of your sales, lets you target those customers you want to win most first. Look at your sales team’s pipeline to see what sales are coming in and help them to close more sales. At a glance see which products or services are most popular (or profitable) and look to gain more of those.


Gaining more opportunities and converting more opportunities to sales can only be a good thing. Once you’ve met your overhead costs, all of those precious sales ramp up your profits. Gaining just 5-6 extra sales per month will significantly impact your bottom-line. Our case study companies have seen an average of 26% growth in revenue and 76% growth in profit in just 6 months! Profits will also be increased by business efficiency savings achieved by removing data duplication and time taken to compile reports, create quotes, emails etc.


Our unique case management and customer case rating system offers full visibility of customer satisfaction levels instantly providing a valuable opportunity to respond to any disaffected customers when it’s important not when they’ve already decided to leave. Providing a 360 degree view of the customer, including subsidies and funds balances improves customer experience and business efficiency.


Target specific companies by any criteria such as industry sector, product ownership or by mobile network resulting in highly targeted marketing campaigns. Telling people about things that are relevant and of interest to them means they’re more likely to respond and to buy something. Our monitoring service provides you with stats on opens, unsubscribes, forwards and replies. As such, you can respond quickly to any customer interest. Our ROI tool makes it easy to repeat the campaigns that work for you and abandon those that don't.


Our widgets provide key performance information direct to your employees enabling them to manage their tasks and targets. The performance widgets instantly provide key data on those hitting targets and completing tasks and those who aren't. The management and Director widgets provide full oversight of all key areas of your business ensuring that action can be taken when you see good (and poor) performance in real time and not when it's too late. Say goodbye to the stressful end of month rush to bring in sales!