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Our case study videos will provide you with a detailed insight into the benefits that can be achieved by adopting The Layer. We’ve provided some case study videos in addition to comments from key industry influencers and Layer users.

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With minimal effort, our case study businesses have managed to turnaround their businesses by carefully managing performance.

Mat Whyman of Tru Solutions saw customer satisfaction rates soar to 98% after implementing the system thanks to streamlining of support processes. The company now has better visibility of revenue and profit and full control over pricing via multi-supplier price books.

You could join him by implementing The Layer in your business today.

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Mat Whyman


Tru Solutions

Tru Solutions are a complete business communications provider. We offer mobile, fixed line data, and managed services. We originally started looking for a quoting tool, and looked at two or three different processes. We also were interested in the CRM. When we saw what The Layer did, it was a no-brainer. The Layer took us through every process in the business we were looking to improve.

So our key business issues were finding an easy to use quoting tool for our sales guys, as opposed to producing a commercial report or template separate to that, and having no control. I think we wanted a system where the quoting was easy. So The Layer helps us solve our issues by condensing multi-supplier price books, products, and offerings into one platform.

The sales order process has also given us the ability to be able to track where we’re at in the process of completing the sales order. We’re not having to duplicate anything for capturing, for data capture. That converts through from the sales order process, which converts through from the quote. So there’s no room for error.

So from a management perspective, The Layer has given us a higher view of everything, from telesales operation, to booking appointments, where we’re winning, and where we’re not winning. Where we need to change, through to what sales activity we’ve got going on. Who is busy? Who is not?

The main benefits that we’ve seen since using The Layer are move effective on renewals, and at the point where we renew it ahead of time, as opposed to after events. That daily interaction with our customer base is invaluable. Also, profitability, we’ve actually increase profitability since using The Layer. 2015, we have 95% feedback from our customer base on the cases that we manage, which we thought was excellent. 2016, it was up to 97% positive feedback, and 2017 to date, is currently at 98% feedback. So it is helping us progress and to learn from our mistakes.

From a support and training perspective, The Layer came down and spent quite a bit of time with our staff, and took them through the modules that they needed training on, introduced them to the system fully, and then have since supported us impeccably since we went live. So I’d definitely recommend The Layer to any commerce business. It’s given us a streamlined process. It’s given us a condensed view of multi-suppliers, multi-clients, all in one place, and it’s given us control. It’s empowered Tru Solutions.

Watch Tru Solutions Case Study

Warren Stroud



We are a international business that have been in business since 2003. We concentrate on multi-site organisations, supplying them with their telecommunication infrastructure and services.

The reason why we selected The Layer was to move away from various other programmes like Microsoft Dynamics, which was running our CRM, various spreadsheets, which were running the back office side of things, and various subscription models that handled all of our quoting processes.

From an order management perspective we never really had something in place that could take the equipment quoted within a proposal and follow that right through to invoicing. The Layer addresses that perfectly with barcodes, scan readers and a simple process of taking an order and processing through from a customer services perspective.

The Layer captures every bit of information that is needed here at Voice2Voice. The dashboards give us a good idea of what’s happening within the organisation. Our sales dashboard can tell us prospects, to quotes that have gone out, and even margins that can be made on the various deals that are out there. Help desk dashboard gives management information on cases that need addressing urgently reducing cases being breached and improving general customer service.

My recommendation for someone who’s looking to change their CRM package, especially in the telecommunications industry, is to be quite wary. There are a lot of products out there, we’re a prime example of a company who used many of the products that are out there. When we found The Layer, we now know that it encompasses everything that an IT support or telecoms company requires in order to run their business.

I would definitely recommend The Layer to anyone who’s interested in it. It has brought this business to a new level with regards to profitability, efficiency and customer service.

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Seamus O'Neill & James Deag

Delta 365

From our initial discussions with the team at The Layer, we noticed that they already had a really good understanding of what our requirement was, and from that point through to actually when we committed to The Layer and then all the way through to the implementation, we found it was excellent and they had a thorough knowledge of what we needed, and often delivered more than we were actually expecting.

Using The Layer has absolutely transformed our business, and for any company out there, who's involved in telecoms, or in IT, I would not hesitate to recommend The Layer for their business.

Watch Delta 365 Case Study

John Livingstone

Managing Director, JHL Communications

I am now fully aware of how JHL is performing at all times which helps me to take corrective action when something starts to go wrong; whether it's a drop in opportunities or a slow down in sales. The only issue I now have is that I am aware of the potential we have in terms of the number of opportunities and want to win every single one, hence the increase in pressure. There's no denying that the mobile industry has become tougher over the past 4 years or so. Trying to retain your customers and grow your base whilst making good profit seems infinitely harder than it once was. Implementing the Layer for JHL has really made us work smarter and has resulted in both an increase in sales and profit.

Nik Patel


I've worked in the indirect channel for a good number of years, The Layer is exactly what dealers need to manage their business. Both Michelle & Nick have really taken time to understand the intricacies of the mobile industry and their product beats anything I've seen. It's important for dealers to provide a really positive customer experience at all stages of the sales lifecycle. Keeping control of their valuable data and at the same time as being able to monitor all their sales performance is a no brainer. The business that will thrive will be one that opts for a CRM solution that lets them control their business in realtime.

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