A 360 degree view - from sales to service

The telecommunications and reseller industries don't work in the same way other businesses do and that's reflected in our system. We want to share it with you to help you grow your business and make more money.

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Insightful Reports

No need to get bogged down in long awaited excel spreadsheets, our live performance data will give you the information you need now.  Low numbers of contract expiries? Talk to telesales.  Low sales conversion? Ask the sales Director.  High performing team member – congratulate them and keep them motivated.  Target shortfall, prepare an incentive to drive business.


Data Drill

Need more information than a widget can give you? Look for the orange tab on the widget and drill down to see a detailed breakdown the widget's content.  Looking at an overview of appointments booked this month?  Click the target metric to show all appointments booked by status, user or timeframe. Easy!


Widgets & Boards

Two ways to view your company data at a glance that are fully customised by role and department.  Powerful business analytics that provide key metrics and process information to avoid poor performance and bottlenecks.

Autonomy in all roles


Work Stacks

Our unique work stacks ™ feature provides an easy and meaningful way to manage your data.  Our core stacks ™ have been designed by department and make managing your day to day role easy.   We’ve also created the option to create customisable work stacks.  Create a work stack (view) of any data in your system and use it everywhere: Marketing, phone calls, emails, prospecting and more.


Grid and Browser Views

Users can plough through their daily tasks with ease, minimising management time and enabling managers to concentrate on what's important while still monitoring staff performance.


Progressive Workflow

People forget (we do too) - The Layer doesn't.  Our progressive workflow feature ensures that you can set customised reminders for everything from prompts to send quotations to a customer or to chase up a complaint after a specified time period.  Never lose out on an opportunity again or mitigate irate customers by utilising our workflow feature.

Customers feel loved, staff enabled


SLA case management

Our case management feature helps by creating agreed SLA’s for your customers (or for internal use) this way your customer service team (or their manager) can view any overdue cases.  Customer experience is greatly improved and retention rates are increased.


Customer profiles

View which customers use your services the most.  Find out who takes up most time and effort and use this information to retain those businesses or investigate the cause and take action to reduce the impact on your service team.



Integrate into your own website or take cases over the phone. Whatever suits your business.  Other sectors are increasingly liaising with their customers across multiple mediums not just by phone.  Our customer portal enables you to give customers access to their cases, create new cases and provide updates at a time that suits them.  Your team can start working on them straight away.  Work with your customers in the way they want to work.

Speak to the right people at the right time


Integrated marketing

Our integrated marketing features makes it easy to send out campaigns. Use our dedicated templates, or templates from suppliers to notify customers (or prospects) about new products or services, service interruption/loss of coverage or use supplier templates and send them from The Layer.  Follow your leads from campaign all the way to customer without having to leave The Layer


Get leads at the right time

In the telecoms sector contacting leads at the right time is key.  Our software ensures that all of your contract expiry captures are stored and presented in a way that no potential opportunities can be overlooked.


Fill up the pipeline and go!

Managing the sales pipeline has never been easier.  No need for your sales team to spend hours updating their pipeline before the weekly meeting.  Updating your sales pipeline can be done in under 30 seconds.  Your Sales Director has access to realistic pipeline information on a live basis.  

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