A trusted technical partner for your business

The Layer provides powerful, integrated solutions for telecoms businesses to boost customer satisfaction, increase sales performance and improve marketing effectiveness.

We look after everything for you but you're still in full control of your data. What could be better? With The Layer, you can rest assured that your data is looked after: It's our business.

A robust architecture

We're hosted on a scalable cloud-based infrastructure housed in a hardened facility in Europe. Our storage infrastructure is geo-redundant and backed up on a daily basis.

Our architecture design ensures that the latest security protocols are adhered to. Rest assured we invest heavily in our infrastructure and DR to ensure that access to our software is maintained and that your data is safe.

We adhere to strict test and release schedules and data-flow is closely monitored all the way from our back-end service agents through to our client facing portal.

The security of your data is our main priority and as well as providing AES-256 encryption as standard, we encrypt your data at data source to ensure your information is always protected.

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Fully hosted cloud service

Our service is highly scalable to ensure the system can grow with your business.  Depending on your requirements, any approved user can access the Layer from anywhere with an internet connection. We’ve taken away the stress, time and cost of managing your own server infrastructure.  We manage the difficult stuff so that you don’t have to.

Security & Encryption

Data is transferred between you and the The Layer service using the same AES 256-bit encryption used by financial institutions. Not only that but your data is also encrypted while stored in our datacentres. Our application is inherently secure due to the numerous layers of security applied during the development. We’ve thought of all external and internal threats and have taken all possible steps to mitigate them.  Finally, we proactively monitor any threats to our application in order to take evasive action.

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Granular Access

Customers decide who gets access to their instance of The Layer.  You can decide which information to expose to certain roles within the business.  Don’t want new business sales to see customers? Then restrict access.  Don’t want sales to see each other’s records? You can restrict access.  You can choose what to restrict to whom.  Track all user activity through our audit trail feature.  Here you can find information on who has accessed the record and the activity they have completed.

Completely Customisable

With thousands of customisation points, you can be sure that you will be able to tweak The Layer to work perfectly for your organisation.  Full visibility and audit trails ensure that system activity can be closely monitored for compliance purposes.


You're in good hands

We have a passionate team who love what they do.  Our product has been expertly designed to provide the highest quality software, located in the highest quality datacentres with stringent security standards.  We’ve got it covered because it’s our business to ensure that you can focus on your business.

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