The System

Make managing your business a pleasure

Whether you're looking to combine disparate systems or grow your business, The Layer will make the process easier.  Having control of your business and knowing exactly what’s going on at every stage helps you to avoid any potentially damaging problems before they seriously impact your business.

Experience an advanced web platform - featuring lead, opportunity & task management, quote generation, marketing, customer care and order processing. Maximise the success of your investments by improving the volume of opportunities, sales conversion and customer retention, extending your company's value.


Simplify lead management, streamline processes and record all sales interactions.

Nurture sales with our advanced pre-sales module, incorporating lead, contract expiry & task management and advanced features such as delegation, appointment booking and more.   Our pre-sales module helps you to monitor the number of expiries in your system, the number of opportunities created and their quality. 

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Manage quotations and sales and stay on top of staff pipelines, maximising profitability.

The secret is out – sales people and paperwork are not the best of friends. Let your sales team flourish by: gaining critical data from the field, creating live quotes, receiving e-Signed quotes and the ability to manage their opportunities and pipelines with a few clicks. Making their life easier means that you have an accurate view of performance which then gives you aggregate data on regional or company wide sales performance.

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Manage cases, complaints and load up a searchable knowledgebase for your staff.

Thriving at winning new business is great as long as you retain your existing customers.   Look after your customers with our dedicated Service module.  With a highly customisable case management system, smart workflow, live widgets, product and service management and more, your customers will never feel forgotten.  On those occasions where  a customer isn’t completely satisfied you’ll be able to identify it quickly and take swift action to resolve it using our easy feedback system.

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Create highly targeted campaigns with maximum reach and conversion.

Use any of your data from the other zones to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.  This type of tight integration means you'll be able to contact your customers and leads and get the best results.  Our marketing function enables you to monitor the success of your marketing efforts and therefore helps you to invest funds on those campaigns that work and avoid those that don’t.

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Ensure that all products and services are connected and dispatched efficiently

Our order processing module, provides a real-time view of order status.  This helps the order processing team to manage all of the orders including: order approvals, credit checks, porting dates and stock dispatch.  This way you can ensure that those valuable sales are processed in a timely manner.  The business (and sales team) can see how many of their sales are now connected and customers receive their stock in a timely manner.

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Backed up with the #1 reporting widget suite, targeted at the mobile & fixed line industry.

Having a high performing lead generation team, top performing sales team and fantastic customer & admin support is key, however, ensuring that you are being paid correctly from your suppliers and managing your outlays is vital.  Our finance module ensures that you can monitor hardware funds, line rental subsidies and all commissions due.

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