Why Us

A system built around telecoms and IT

There are numerous CRM providers in the marketplace, including the market leader Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Act, Sugar CRM and Maximiser to name but a few. So why create another CRM platform?

Mobile, Fixed Line & IT are different

The telecoms industry is unique in many ways, including the handling of a vast number of manufacturers, service providers, infrastructure owners (networks and carriers) and distributors. Our product takes this in to consideration and makes managing pricing, quotations, product marketing and calculating commissions easy.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a CRM provider and most traditional suppliers packages are not easily tailored to take those differences into account: cue The Layer. We've spent over 6 years designing, planning and producing our software. By combining industry knowledge and advanced development skills we have created a product that will do exactly what your business requires it to.

As such, within 10 days we will have you up and running and managing your business in the way you've always wanted to.



Michelle Livingstone

Michelle Livingstone, Managing Director,  has worked in the telecoms industry for the past 11 years and has an excellent knowledge of the dealer channel. Her influence has ensured that the product is not driven by development but by the needs of end users at all stages in the process from business owner right through to telesales user.  She has ensured that the product is focused exclusively on the needs of mobile, fixed line and IT resellers.

Nick Kewney

Nick Kewney, Technical Director, has a broad experience in delivering commercially successful software applications. His experience in growing and managing development teams and knowledge of system design, architecture and engineering ensures that the product is built, maintained and supported to the highest standards.



Our vision for The Layer is to become the #1 system for telecoms businesses; we aim to be the no1. choice for all mobile, fixed line and IT resellers.  Our approach is to provide a CRM platform which compliments your business strategy and becomes an invaluable part of your business operations.  Innovation and responsiveness will ensure that we continue to add value and support our customers in a rapidly changing environment.


It’s a tough goal to strive for, and some might say unrealistic.  However, our focus on perfection means that we may come as close as 98%.  We are dedicated to ensuring that our product provides the ultimate experience for every telecoms business.  We ensure that this is the case by testing our product robustly in-house, followed by pre-launch testing via our beta testing companies tasked with providing feedback and ironing out any bugs in relation to user experience ,industry relevance etc.  Finally, we provide transparent feedback via our feedback application on the website which encourages all users to post suggestions which are acted upon based on a voting system.  


We are always innovating  and, as such, our product is continually developing to provide further benefits to you.  Other providers have to cater to the mass market whereas we are only focused on ensuring that our mobile, fixed line & IT resellers have exactly what they need to manage their business.   By anticipating changes in the industry such as ongoing revenue and churn monitoring, we ensure that our product is always relevant and changes as the industry requires it to.  Our user feedback feature ensures that future changes are driven by the people who use our product making them as relevant as possible.

It's all about relationships – SUPPORTIVE PARTNER

We understand that successful deployment means getting to grips with how your unique business works and understanding your business priorities.   Our Business Analysis, Customisation and Training services lay the foundations for ensuring a successful launch of the app.  We don’t leave you there.  We understand that after a short time you will want to increase functionality and gain greater business insights and we’re here to help support you through that too.  We provide dedicated support for any technical issues you have and make the process of working with us as straight forward as possible.  We know that you need a partner who is responsive.


Each department has something different to say about our products.

  • Marketing people love our ability to help build strong relationships.
  • Sales Directors/Owners love the fact that real-time performance stats ensure that they respond promptly to any issues
  • End users love our elegant interface and straightforward app
  • IT staff love our enterprise-class security, scalable infrastructure and backup practices
  • Developers love being able to integrate into your company's website.
  • Finance staff love our solutions as they use our reports to make sure every penny is accounted for.
  • Fast growing telecoms businesses love our cloud hosting infrastructure which grows alongside their business.
  • Start-up telecoms businesses love our ability to get up and running within days, not months.

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